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Serving the Salt Lake real estate market since 1992.
No hype, no bogus awards, no team members or assistants.
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What's In It For Me?

Comfort: If you are relocating to the Salt Lake area you probably have a lot of preconceived notions about life behind the Zion curtain. I can help you separate fact from fiction. If you are a long time resident, then you will want to work with someone who has been here awhile and knows the neighborhoods and communities the way you do.

Representation: I pride myself on my negotiating skills and really enjoy getting the best deal for my clients. Most people know that Realtors represent sellers. Too few realize that buyers can also have full representation at no cost to the buyer.

Knowledge: Ask me anything. I can answer your questions about market value, traffic levels, commuting time, shopping centers, HOA fees, maintenance headaches, and neighborhoods. And other stuff, too. Such as:


Whether you're moving up, moving in or just moving on, call me today!


What is this Agency Thing, and why Should I Care?

The 10 questions Salt Lake Home Buyers always ask


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