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Who Is Brad?

Brad Dundas Salt Lake Realtor


Background: I moved to Salt Lake in 1983 as an electrical engineer with Sperry Corp. where I worked for 8 years under the healthy glow of fluorescent lights in a one-size-fits-all blue polyester smock. It's this background (engineering not fashion) which I draw on to make the detailed analytical search for your new home and the research necessary for a successful sale of your existing home in Salt Lake.

Specialties: My real estate clients tend to keep me focused on the urban core of Salt Lake City with a few excursions county-wide. I live and work from my home office downtown. I love and own both vintage bungalows and urban condos which gives me insight into marketing and purchasing both types of housing.

Most Recent Achievment: I recently set up a Microsoft home network in only 3 days, with 2 service calls and the help of an old Percocet that I found under a sofa cushion.

Other Interests: History of old homes, Ethnic cooking, Traveling way off the beaten path, Handyman skills and classic films.


Brad Dundas Salt Lake real estate agent


Shameless Plugs

Brad was the PERFECT Realtor for my husband and me when we moved to SLC back in 2003. We flew in from out of town and I had an enormous list of homes I wanted to see in the course of 2 days. Brad picked us up from the airport and spent the whole weekend with us showing us house after house on my list. He was tireless. When we settled on a home, Brad helped facilitate everything for us from across two states. He's extremely professional and knowledgeable and we really liked how much he knew about the vibe of different neighborhoods and what was going on in the SLC real estate market in general. But more than all of that, Brad is simply a great guy. He was super fun to spend the day with--he has a great personality and a fun and light spirit. Professional but not stuffy, Brad put us at ease right away. I would and do HIGHLY recommend him to anyone.


Fantastic! Brad saved us money, but more important saved us from buying the wrong house. Coming from California, we were initially impressed with some neighborhoods that really wouldn't have worked for us, and some houses that weren't as special as they seemed. Now that we've lived here for a while, we can see what fits us...but when we were flying in, seeing tons of houses in a few days, then back to browsing on the internet at long distance--we really needed Brad's advice. It turned out to be right on. He's also patient and really listens.



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